From the organisational standpoint, the Montepaschi Group is an integrated, multi-market financial, credit and insurance institution with a structure that is based on four pillars:

  • a central structure of managerial and operational coordination represented by the Parent Company, which also carries out operational activities on behalf of the commercial network;
  • a production structure, made up of the product companies, dedicated to the development of specialised financial instruments to be offered to the market;
  • a distribution structure,made up of the business units of Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena and Banca Widiba, with a network of financial advisors;
  • a service structure made up the companies in charge of IT, real estate and other business support activities.
MPS organizational model

The Montepaschi Group is also present in a number of non-banking business areas with the aim of taking a direct part in areas of economic activity marked by great potential.

The Parent Bank

The business, governance and support functions are directly overseen by the Chief Executive Officer, with stronger specialisation of the Divisions dedicated to the individual business segments.

The Parent Company consists of the following structures, which report directly to the Chief Executive Officer:

  • Chief Lending Officer confirming the strategic importance of the credit area
  • Chief Commercial Officer, responsible for the management of the entire sales and distribution
  • Chief Safety Officer
  • Group General Counsel
  • Chief Audit Executive
  • Chief Risk Officer
  • Chief Compliance Executive
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Human Capital Officer


Business Units

The Business Units exercise commercial and lending activities, focusing on the distribution of Group products and services, maintaining a strong local presence and supervising the management of customers in their areas of reference.

Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena
Chairman: Maria Patrizia Grieco. Chief Executive Officer: Guido Bastianini.
Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, which leads the Monepaschi Group, also operates through its subsidiaries in the various segments of banking and finance, from traditional banking activities to special-purpose loans, asset management, insurance and investment banking. With more than 20,000 employees and around 1,800 branches, the bank has a strong retail focus and is present across Italy and in the major foreign markets.  The bank has been listed on the Italian Stock Exchange since 1999.

Chairman: Francesco Di Ciommo. General Manager: Marco Marazia.

Widiba (Wise-Dialog-Bank) is the Group’s direct bank, offering a comprehensive and customisable online platform to over 600 personal advisors throughout Italy. Widiba manages a full range of savings and investment products and services on a daily basis. Moreover, it offers a totally paperless customer experience and enjoys a satisfaction rating of 4.8/5, based on more than 500,000 reviews.

Its relationship model is rooted in the expertise of its network of advisors, awarded the PF Awards in 2018. The network uses Robo 4 Advisor systems to help clients make an informed choice when defining their objectives and the most appropriate means of achieving same.

Product Companies

The Product Companies focus on the Group’s entire production and management of specialised banking products distributed through the Business Units.

MPS Capital Services Banca per le Imprese
Chairman: Raffaele Agrusti.. General Manager: Emanuele Scarnati.
MPS Capital Services Banca per le Imprese was founded in 2007 following the  corporate transformation of MPS Finance and MPS Banca per l'Impresa. The company provides customers with solutions to financial and credit issues, focusing its business on medium-long term credit facilities, special-purpose loans, corporate finance, capital markets and structured finance.

MPS Leasing & Factoring
Chairman: Roberta Neri. General Manager: Simone Pasquini.
MPS Leasing Factoring is the Group bank specialised in the development and supply of integrated leasing and factoring packages for businesses, artisans and professionals. The bank is one of the major domestic players in the specialised credit market.

Monte Paschi Fiduciaria S.p.A.
Chairman: Federico Vitto. General Manager: Giancarlo Barbieri.
Licensed to provide trust services under Law no. 1966 of 23 November 1939, Monte Paschi Fiduciaria has been traditionally aimed at meeting the needs of individuals and legal entities wishing to have their assets managed with the utmost confidentiality.  Monte Paschi Fiduciaria may take on the custody of assets in its capacity as a trustee and act as a protector in trusts.

Service Companies

Consorzio Operativo
Chairman: Vittorio Calvanico. General Manager: Giovanni Damiani.
The Consorzio has the institutional task of managing the centralised and non-centralised information system and related services with a view to centralising IT and services across the Banking Group whilst ensuring the quality of services provided and supporting the more general Group strategies, in line with the technological developments required by both the Group and the other Consortium members.

The Consorzio provides services to the consortium-member and non-member companies, either belonging or not belonging to the Group. The Group Consorzio oversees:

  • Application Management: Manage the entire lifecycle of the business applications required to deliver services to corporate customers, supervising the development, testing, maintenance and management of software.
  • Facility Management: Ensure the operational continuity of the information system, lifecycle of the infrastructural and separate IT components.
  • Security: Ensure an adequate level of logical data and information security in compliance with business objectives, overseeing the application of security requirements provided for by Privacy Guarantor and monitoring internet fraud.