Siena, 22 December 2017Banca MPS announces that today signed an agreement with Quaestio Capital SGR S.p.A., on behalf of the Italian Recovery Fund (former Atlante II Fund), for the disposal of 95% of the mezzanine notes relating to the securitization of MPS Group's bad debts portfolio. This transaction, to be effective from January 9, 2018, is part of the agreements signed with Quaestio Capital SGR SpA. on 26 June 2017 and is an integral part of the Restructuring Plan announced on 5 July 2017. It should be noted that the deconsolidation of the bad loans portfolio will take place by June 2018 with the transfer of the junior notes and that in any case the economic impacts of the securitization, further to being included in the Restructuring Plan, have been fully included in the half-year report at 30 June 2017.


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