The shareholding structure of Perimetro GPI, the consortium joint-stock company managing properties rented to the Montepaschi Group, has been defined. In charge of the administration, extraordinary maintenance and other ancillary services relating to the properties, the company has expanded its shareholding structure which, by the end of the year, will include the following:

New shareholders (Class A shares):

  • Beni Stabili Gestioni SpA Sgr, 20.1%
  • Manutencoop Facility Management Spa, 20.1%
  • Siram Spa, 20.1%
  • Net Insurance Spa, 20%

Perimetro’s existing shareholders (Class A shares) , with diluted ownership:

  • Grapevine RE, 0.5% (controlled by Sansedoni Spa)
  • Gruppo Montepaschi, 9%
  • AXA Assicurazioni, 0.5%

Perimetro’s existing shareholders (Class A shares), with increased ownership:

  • Mediobanca Spa, 9.7% (original shareholding was 9.5%)

The transactions have been made at a value substantially in line with Class A share capital, worth approximately EUR 5.5 mln.

Perimetro has been established as part of the Montepaschi Group’s wider plan of real estate rationalisation. Transferred from MPS Immobiliare to Perimetro GPI for an amount of EUR 1.7 bln in 2009, the undertaking consists in 683 properties used in the business (branches and offices).


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